[13 APR | 1600Z - 14 APR | 2200Z] [HU] Skyglobal ATC Online Weekend
Esemény kezdete:2018.04.13 16:00 UTC18:00 LT
Esemény vége:2018.04.14 22:00 UTC00:00 LT

After Skyglobal virtual airline has celebrated its third birthday, they decided to give full ATC coverage over the Hungarian airspace.
Come and fly to/from/through the LHCC FIR between 13th April 2018 1600Z and 14th April 2018 2200Z.

Freeware: FS2004 - FSX - X-Plane
Payware: LHSimulations (FS2004-FSX-Prepar3D)


If you participate as a pilot you can report your leg HERE